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KD Janitorial Services, Inc.

KD Janitorial Services, Inc. is the #1 choice for professional commercial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on unparalleled cleaning reliability, and an industry leading cleaning guarantee that sets the bar high.

We provide expert cleaning and janitorial services to Oakland, Sacramento, Tracy and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area commercial and industrial customers.

KD Janitorial Services

Experience the Difference

Quality Service

We use the latest cleaning technologies to keep your office building squeaky clean and free of germs and bacteria, and to keep you and your employees healthy.

Affordable Options

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, we’re here to serve you. We customize our cleaning services so you get exactly what you need and pay for nothing more.

Professional Team

Every single cleaner on our team is professionally trained and equipped with the tools and expertise to ensure sparkling clean results, every time.


Our Team

We are dedicated to making life easier!

Our professional cleaners are dedicated to making life easier. We have the impeccable skills and necessary resources to keep your area clean and healthy.

We provide all the basics you would expect, plus those cleaning “extras” and special touches that are difficult to find elsewhere.